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September 1, 2011

How To Groom Shih Tzu's

Things You’ll Need:
Dog shampoo
Pin dog brush
Clipper guard
Grooming table

Step 1:
Bathe your shih tzu before clipping. Clean hair cuts more evenly and will not dull your blades as fast as dirty hair. Place your dog in the sink and wet the coat with warm water. Add a handful of dog shampoo to the coat and lather well, taking care to work the shampoo down to the skin. Rinse with plenty of water and dry the dog with a clean towel.
Step 2:
Brush the coat with a dog brush as the dog dries. A small pin brush works well, as it is made up of many small metal pins that comb the hair down flat. Work slowly and make sure you comb all the way down to the undercoat to remove any tangles or mats that may have formed under the longer outercoat.
Step 3:
Attach the clipper guard to the clippers. A clipper guard is a plastic comb that trims all the hair the same length. The most common coat length for a clipped shih tzu is approximately one inch in length, so a clipper than trims to one inch will give you a short, even coat.
Step 4:
Place your dog on the grooming table or other sturdy surface and begin clipping the coat. Starting just behind the ears, run the clippers back towards the base of the tail, holding the clippers flat against the skin. Pull the loose hair away using the comb and make another pass down the back, this one just to the left of the first cut.
Step 5:
Continue trimming down the left side of the dog until you reach the middle of the chest between the forelegs. Lift the dog's chin and gently trim the hair under the chin, running the clippers over the chest and down to the freshly trimmed hair between the legs. Move the clippers back to the first cut along the dog's back and repeat the process, clipping the hair from the right side of the dog until you have trimmed all the hair along the back and both sides of the dog.
Step 6:
Hold the left paw in your hand, extending it so that you can clip the long hair from the leg. Run the clippers gently down from the elbow to the toes, taking care to work slowly to keep from injuring the dog in case he tries to pull away from you. Continue this process on the remaining three legs.
Step 7:
Comb the long hair on the face and tail and trim with scissors to the desired length. Shih tzus can grow very long mustaches, which can make eating difficult, so shortening the hair on the muzzle and around the eyes will help keep your dog much cleaner. Trimming the tail hair will help keep it off the ground and prevent mats and tangles in your newly clipped shih tzu.

Tips & Warnings
Make sure you check the heat of your clippers often. Shih tzu hair can be very thick and cause your clippers to heat up as you trim the dog. Take a break every 10 or 15 minutes and allow your clippers to cool down to prevent burns.
Don't use a pair of dull clippers on your dog. Dull blades will pull the hair and can injure your dog's sensitive skin.
Never attempt to clip your shih tzu without the guidance of an experienced groomer to avoid injuring your dog.


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  1. Great tips but way too much advertisements..makes it hard to find the information.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I have re-arranged and removed some advertising. I hope this is better.


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